Handy Japanese 2.3 Update

18. August 2011 22:46 by Jonathan Bruce in   //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (0)

I've been hard at work polishing up Handy Japanese for the Japanese launch of Windows Phone 7. I've tested the built in Japanese keyboard support extensively and it's led me to make some improvements in dictionary searches by Kanji characters.Version 2.3 comes with the following new/updated features:

  • Miscellaneous notes text is now a more visible/less ugly colour (orange instead of brown)
  • New algorithm for searching dictionary by Kanji, produces more and better results when searching for a portion of a word.
  • Updated dictionary and embedded fonts
  • Modified radical and stroke pickers that don't cut off part of the letters.
  • Improved scrolling performance, particularly in Windows Phone 7.5
  • Fixed Issues with parts of the interface occasionally disappearing when running under Windows Phone 7.5
  • Corrected an issue that might cause some Kanji details to not display on some handsets and in very rare cases cause crashes.