Handy Japanese

Japanese is a English-Japanese, Japanese-English dictonary with searchable kanji listing. The database contains more than 150,000 entries and 10,000 kanji.

Versions are available for Windows Phone, Windows Mobile and Windows

Supports searching by:

  • English words
  • Romaji
  • Kana
  • Kanji

Includes built-in input method for quick kana entry and can display Japanese characters even on phones without Japanese fonts installed using built-in fonts.

Capable of displaying readings in native Japanese script or Roman letters.

Does not require internet access.

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Handy Japanese is available for several platforms. Please see the list below to see how you can get your own copy.

Windows Phone

Handy Japanese is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace, in the Travel->Languages category.

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Windows Mobile

Handy Japanese was available on the Windows Mobile Marketplace, which is no longer available. Email Support for replacement copies.


Handy Japanese for Windows is available for free download. Click the link below and if you like it be sure to buy the Windows Phone version.

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